Alternate Energy Generation for FIT and microFIT Programs

January 2011 (revised April 2011)

GS Engineering Consultants Inc. (GSE) has been involved in alternate energy solutions since 2010, with a specific focus on structural evaluation, installation planning, and electrical design. These services have been provided to a variety of clients and range in size from 200 kW FIT installations to 10 kW microFIT installations on residences.


FIT and microFIT were developed by the Ontario Government to encourage the implementation of alternate energy generation across the province. The FIT program is designed for renewable energy developers with larger scale projects (generating more than 10kW of electricity). MicroFIT focuses on homeowners, farmers or small businesses who install renewable power projects on a smaller scale (generating 10kW or less).

Under the microFIT program, participants are paid a guaranteed price for all the electricity produced and delivered to the province's electricity grid. The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) expects that the installation of rooftop solar photovoltaic to be the most common microFIT project. The program is also available to other types of renewable technologies such as wind, water power, and bioenergy.

If you are a homeowner, farmer or business interested in installing a solar generation system or applying for one of OPA's renewable energy programs, please contact us.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) offers a useful tool for homeowners, installers, manufacturers, and researchers to develop estimates of the performance of hypothetical PV installations. The PVWatts Calculator determines the energy production and cost savings of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) energy systems. Version 1 of the calculator allows users to select from locations throughout the world; version 2 allows users to select any location in the United States.