Case Study:
The Canadian Salt Company
Kosher Salt Process Equipment Installation

November 2009 - February 2010

In November 2009, GSE began work on the equipment installation for the new Kosher Salt Line at the Canadian Salt Company's Windsor facility. The main components of this job involved solving equipment layout problems, designing equipment support structures, detailing all components, verifying that the installations were done correctly, verifying that the existing building structure capacity was not compromised, and completing a safety review of the finished installation.

To establish the layout of the new processing equipment, GSE had to determine the most efficient organization of the pre-ordered equipment within the available area of the existing plant. The installation presented some unique challenges since the entire process involved 14 pieces of equipment distributed over three floors and two buildings. The spacial relationship between multiple pieces of equipment put further constraints on this stage of the job.

Once the equipment layout was finalized, GSE designed support structures to fit the requirements of each machine. In some cases, two or more machines had to be supported on the same support structure. To accommodate these support structures within the existing building, GSE designed the necessary alterations to the existing building structure. GSE detailed all the components required for the fabrication of the support structures, including the steel to be added to the building to support the equipment.

The pictures on the right show one part of the project - two mezzanines designed by GSE. One of these was designed to support a rotex sieve while the other was needed to access a metal detector. Both mezzanines were fit into an existing space, meeting the specific constraints of the feed conveyor and bagging station below, with particular constraints on chute geometry.

Ontario Labour regulations require that facility owners provide safety reviews on all operations. For new machinery, a PreStart Health and Safety Review is specifically required. GSE, working in conjunction with the owner, prepared the necessary input on guarding and controls and conducted the final review of the installation to ensure an adequate level of safety for the workers. GSE also provided input during the testing phase of the project and the final safety review documents prior to official start up of the line.

Client Feedback

We were impressed with GS Engineering Consultants Inc., their customer focused attitude, their speed of service and their quality of work. Everything they did met our needs, our timeframes and our expectations, even when our demands were high. Their designs required minimal field fitting and their innovations helped us out of a few tricky situations. All in all, an excellent performance and I won't hesitate to call them again when the need arises.

Stephen Whan, P.Eng
Plant Engineer
The Canadian Salt Company Windsor Facility