Building Condition Surveys for Apartment Buildings, Plazas, Commercial and Industrial Buildings

At GS Engineering Consultants Inc., we provide complete inspection services for residential apartment buildings, plazas and strip developments, commercial buildings, mixed-use residential and commercial buildings and industrial buildings.

These inspection and report services are often requested by financial institutions upon purchase or refinancing of a building. These reports are typically called "Engineer's Reports" or "Building Condition Surveys" and outline the condition of the structure of the building and the building's major systems.

For over 15 years, GS Engineering Consultants Inc. has provided inspection and report-writing services to building owners as part of the process of purchase financing, refinancing and owner assessment. In addition to the minimum required inspection, GS Engineering Consultants Inc. has worked with owners to provide more in-depth inspections and recommendations. We identify issues within the building that will be an obstacle to financing. We enumerate the corrections required and provide an estimated budget for making the corrections. By providing this extra service, our clients can make the corrections and may be able to proceed through the financing process faster and with fewer problems.

Our reports are complete and include feedback on all required areas of the building including: background, emergency systems, electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems, building envelope, structure, recommendations and conclusions. Reports are carefully prepared in an easy to understand format and include photographs to illustrate the text. We offer a flexible cost structure and are able to tailor reports to our clients specific needs, providing services that are more comprehensive, or less detailed, as required by our clients.

At GS Engineering Consultants Inc., all building inspection and report preparation is completed by professional engineers and photographs included in the report are taken by one of our engineers at the time of inspection.

We are very proud to have been providing consistent, high quality inspection and report services for over 15 years. Please contact us via telephone or email if you require a building inspection or building condition survey.