Lifting Device Certification

At GS Engineering Consultants Inc. we provide a complete service for the design, inspection, and testing of lifting devices.

Required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) Regulation 851, Section 51, a lifting device be thoroughly examined prior to its first use and, thereafter, "as often as necessary but not less frequently than recommended by the manufacturer and, in any case, at least once a year."

Over the past 15 years, in compliance with OHSA Regulation 851, GS Engineering Consultants Inc. has carried out the initial certification of over 5000 lifting devices. In that same period of time, working with GS Inspection Consultants Inc., we have performed ongoing inspections and certifications of many of these same lifting devices as well as many others including eye bolts, chain slings, complex ergo assist devices and mobile and stationary cranes.


GS Engineering Consultants Inc. offers complete design and verification of new lifting devices to suit our clients needs to ensure the safety of all workers who might use the device. Our staff have been involved in the design of a wide variety of lifting devices including simple tools, complex ergo assist devices and the rigging and lifting for the installation of complex structures such as stacks and boilers using multiple cranes. Many of the devices are analysed using finite element techniques but GS Engineering Consultants Inc. also uses its own analysis routines.


From the inspection of simple eye bolts and chain slings to complex ergo assist lifting devices to specialty heavy plate lifters, GS Inspection Consultants Inc. is well equipped to inspect all manner of lifting devices. With our staff of certified inspectors we perform visual inspections for wear or damage, non-destructive examination using various inspection processes, and load testing either to proof load or to destruction.


GS Engineering Consultants Inc. offers testing facilities for lifting device certification and conducts onsite and in-house load testing and proof loading of lifting devices. We conduct tests to verify the ability of rated lifting devices to handle maximum load (as rated) and we also determine the load capacity of existing, unrated devices.

Reports and Documentation

For each project completed, GS Engineering Consultants Inc. maintains a complete database of all the devices that were certified and inspected. This comprehensive information is retained for ready access. All reports completed, over the years, on a specific device can be extracted and analysis can be done on the data to determine the reliability of the device. At GS Engineering Consultants Inc., we make all project data available to our clients for their records, either through hard copies or through our secure web service.