Case Study:
West Windsor Power Lifting Device

April 2010

Job Description

GSE received a commission from West Windsor Power to design a lifting device that could remove the company's turbine noise enclosure so the turbine itself could be overhauled. To ensure safe operations, the noise enclosure must be removed on a regular basis to allow for routine turbine inspection and overhaul.

The constraints of this project included limited height, fixed lift points on the structure, an unknown centre of gravity, and an inability to weld within the facility. In addition, the commission was received with short notice, only a couple of weeks before the lift was needed.

To complete the design, GSE created a digital model of the housing to determine an approximate centre of gravity. From this, the housing was measured to locate the lift points. Several options for lifting devices were discussed and considered by our design team; the best one for this particular job was selected and formed the basis of the final design. GSE prepared the details and, to eliminate the need for field welding, made all connections bolted. To establish the proper lift point, flexibility was built into the connections; this allowed the device to be adjusted to fine tune the balance and locate the centre of gravity. The finished product was inspected and certified prior to being put into service.

Client Feedback

Hi Steve, Hello Glenn,

Attached is a picture of the lifting beam. It looks very impressive and will no doubt greatly improve our safety. Thank you very much for your assistance with this.

Best regards,